Green Metal Roofing & Manufacturing

Green Metal Roofing Inc. is the ultimate choice in metal roofing and cladding products. Canadian owned with nearly four decades of expertise in metal roofing manufacturing, we take pride in providing the absolute "best in the class" industry value. Our quality German steel materials, the largest selection of profiles, together with manufacturing expertise and craftsmanship, is what sets us apart from our competitors. Green Metal Roofing Inc. products are well known for their striking beauty, unsurpassed durability, longevity and increased homeowner value.

We know that our residential roofing customers take pride in their homes and quality improvements will only add to their enjoyment and to the value of their investment. That’s why Green Metal Roofing Inc. is uncompromising when it comes to choosing our suppliers and the roof products we carry. We have built a stellar reputation for our quality installations and craftsmanship. We feature a unique range of competitively priced steel and aluminum roofing.

From our family to yours - our focus is to provide the highest level of mastery, craftsmanship and materials in the ever-expanding metal roof market.

For years Green Metal Roofing Inc. has been successfully providing all types metal roofing services to various types of customers in need, both residential and commercial. From simple to very complex roofing projects we are making sure you are in the right place. Our passion and experienced craftsmanship for metal roofing creates a strong bond with every customer and always exceed customers' expectations. We are proud of our most important ingredient - customer satisfaction. It is our crowning complement. Our roofs provide comfort, safety, elegance and peace of mind. We guarantee complete roofing solutions to fulfill your dreams of the perfect home.